TWI Training & Certification (S.E.Asia)

TWI has offered training and examinations in South East Asia since 1979 and set up its first facility in 1993. It is the industry leader in welding, welding inspection and both advanced and conventional NDT. It also offers a range of allied courses in structural integrity, fitness-for-service, plant assessment, heath and safety and many others. Most of TWI's internationally recognized courses and certifications can now be accessed in most parts of Asia from the seven centres operated by TWI in the region and other agency arrangements.

TWI SEA employs over 60 trainers and operates in most Asian countries through its network of satellite schools and modern training facilities in Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur, Kuching, Johor Bahru), Singapore, Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam, China, Indonesia, Brunei, Australia and Hong Kong.

TWI's trainers are highly experienced, friendly and considerate. They aim to help individuals achieve success in their careers and companies to reach the good quality standards they require from their staff.

NDT Training   Welder Training

TWI SEA's training and certification business consists of a mix of the following:

  • Personally funded training
  • Company funded training
  • Government funded training
TWI SEA has formed close alliances with several Asian governments and is aiming to help those Asian governments raise the standards of their national certification so that they are in line with international best practice. TWI SEA has been particularly successful in Malaysia and has carried out the following projects:
  • Training programmes for Government institutions
  • The introduction of training and certification schemes for employees working in the construction sector
  • Advising the Government with regard to design and equipment specifications for the construction of new schools
  • Advising the Government on apprenticeship schemes
TWI SEA is also in the process of establishing schemes that measures existing skill standards (recognized prior learning).

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